I think these early formative years for me were characterised by a lot of change, moving, and uncertainty and the anxieties associated with that. Having to readjust to new circumstances, get your bearings, create new points of reference, new relationships, integrate, fit in, stand out, be successful and create meaning and a sense of purpose for yourself in your new environment are some of the things I learned to navigate from a very early age. Looking back, it’s no surprise I was naturally drawn to studying psychology, human behaviour, and counselling. I was naturally drawn to people navigating complexities and having to adapt and transform as they develop towards who they want to be. I have been fortunate enough to have had many changes throughout my career and be exposed to different roles in different industries and types of organisations. From small consulting firms, NGOs, large multinationals, government support agencies. Through this I have developed an appreciation for the different environments we navigate as professionals and the flexibility required in our world of work today. This enables me to connect with people at all levels in different organisations and industries and partner with them to support them in their journey towards who they want to become.


I have an open, warm empathic style in working with individual clients’ needs. I tailor my sessions to what is needed in the moment for each client. Clients have described me as insightful and compassionately challenging, mirroring them and enabling them to explore deeper issues and identify their values and purpose thus reshaping their behaviours to match how they want to show up in their daily lives. I currently work with individuals and organisations. My constant passion for learning has led me to further explore Jungian analysis and integrative psychodynamic techniques and integrate them in my counselling sessions.

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