Regional Vice President Sales – Supply Chain software vendor

Mariam provided me with coaching in 2021. I immedialtely trusted her as she has a true experience of several years in coaching and has the tools, a background in psychology and the natural empathy to accompany a personal and professional move. For many years, I was spending my energy on being performance driven and was overachieving my job’s goals. But at the same time I was frustrated about the lack of opportunities to grow and access higher level responsibilities. Mariam helped me to : 1) Recognize my desire to grow was legitimate, 2) Ask for higher level responsibilities and make it a priority to seek them out, 3) Refuse proposals that don’t fit my development goals, 4) Explore and accept a new role of Vice President Sales that completely fit my needs, 5) Start in this new role with a different positioning as a manager and a different perspective of my involvement / performance. Beyond unlocking my full potential, Mariam helped me to better understand my needs and make clear priorities in my daily life (like simply the need to rest, or to schedule my vacation…). During more than 6 months, Mariam worked with me to help understand my blockers. She offered me a lot of compassion and breadth to cope with my difficulties and tiredness (our sessions helped me refill my energy every week and simply helped me to hold on) and at the same time called for action and drove me to change and be honest with myself with regards to my resistance to change. Thanks to Mariam’s experience, genuine coaching style and background, the coaching work we did together was deep and it has changed my life. I would definitely recommend Mariam as a coach to my friends.

People & Culture Professional, Multinational online Food Delivery Company

Mariam is truly genuine, honest and straightforward which greatly helped the fast progress I made. She would show emotions when appropriate and also connect through our similarities. From the first moment I had a feeling of being connected to her which gave me the safe space to share and discover. Clearly her ability to listen at all levels and also her skill in reading me. In our second session she helped me discover that becoming a coach myself could be something that would help me unlock some hibernating potential and energy. It was an outcome I did not foresee or had aimed to work towards. It emerged from our coaching as she was fully with me and helped me uncover what had been my blind spot. Working with Mariam made all the difference to my career growth: First of all, I gave up late night working - a small but impactful change of habit. It also gave me the confidence to look forward and be curious about challenges out there rather than sticking with what I liked and had just started to feel comfortable with (I changed my job in a support function moving two levels up to support c-level as a result). It also helped me discover another path / journey that I embarked on and am currently following (becoming a CTI coach myself). I would totally recommend Mariam for all the reasons above plus her gentle nudges, having me take ownership and encouraging me to trust myself in many ways.

Solution Consulting Lead, Large Tech Multinational

Mariam is a real, authentic person, who can relate and who also participates in your life. This created trust and formed a relationship where I was able to open up and tackle some of the more difficult questions. I personally very much appreciated that Mariam was very flexible in her approach and that we did not have to stick to a script for our coaching sessions. She asked those questions or presented individual topics, which really got me thinking and hence helping me getting closer to where I needed to go. Learning more about my individual saboteurs and how I can listen more often, more intently to my sage, but also learning to accept myself more in certain situations, being ok with who I am. After our sessions I often felt more grounded, surer of myself. I would definitely recommend Mariam to others. As stated above Mariam is a real person, relatable and with real life experience. I never felt judged or lectured, but always welcomed and supported.

Senior Manager in a Global Consulting Firm

Working with Mariam provided me with a perfect mirror that helped me understand the issues, find solutions, and observe the improvements I made. I feel that she brought a lot of patience, caring challenge and a lot of methodological insight, but most of all she managed to get very quickly the perfect understanding of my personality to provide a tailor made experience. She brought a significant personal impact (better self knowledge, ability to provide some kind of coaching to some of my relatives) but also professional (as I can better align my personal values with my management style to create a better environment for my team). I would most definitely recommend Mariam as a coach. This has been a fantastic journey with a long term and growing benefit. These tailor made discussions have been my favorite development experience for now.

Principal Customer Success Manager in a leading, global software company

After 19 years with the same company in many different roles, I decided I wanted a career change, however I didn’t know what I was looking for or how to update my CV. So I embarked on a 7 week program with Mariam which resulted in me finding a new job which is perfect for me! I can safely say that I would not be where I am now if it were not for Mariam. Her coaching skills helped me articulate what is important for me in a job, find my strengths and successfully prepare for interviews. She has a very pragmatic approach that I thoroughly enjoyed. She also has the relevant background to ask the right questions and guide you when necessary. I can highly recommend her and her program to anyone in this situation (in fact, I have recommended her to a few friends and colleagues recently).

Product Leader, SaaS technology company

Mariam’s ability to be warm and supportive while also challenging is her triple threat. I’ve never felt pressured, but am held accountable to follow through on my goals. I know that Mariam provides me the encouragement and confidence to succeed, but she also makes sure I follow through. I believe follow through is something we all struggle with, but from Mariam I also know if I take the risk, she’ll also have my back and work with me to solve new problems along the way. I’ve never had someone motivate me to a level where I was ready to take new risks, that also had my back if things would go wrong. Change is scary, and Mariam takes the edge off. I’ve never been this challenged in my life in such a short time, with amazing outcomes and benefits. She is a master at crafting questions that are both targeted and efficient. She is able to get quickly to the heart of the matter and make me see both the pitfalls and opportunities in my line of thinking. It’s a gentle but at the same time rapid way to identify opportunity areas and limitations in my current approaches. It’s easy to think we have all the answers- she’s able to push me to refine my approach and way of thinking every single time we speak. She pivots easily and is able to keep up with encouragement even if conversation goes rapidly down different paths. 

It sounds cliche to say that Mariam changed my life, but she did. At work, I was promoted to a senior leader in less than a year and I believe it’s a direct impact of the coaching, especially the communication and interpersonl sensitivity that I’ve gained from my time with Mariam. I have received repeated feedback from colleagues and our CEO about my improvements in interpersonal communication, resilience, and ability to handle difficult challenges without losing patience. My time and work with Mariam has made me a better manager, leader, and mentor to several team members. Personally, I am in a healthy relationship for the first time my life, I couldn’t have gotten to that point or taken the risk without Mariam supporting me or pushing me forward. I’ve also persued my hobbies which help me find better balance in life. Just within the first few months of coaching with Mariam I followed through on lifelong dream, something I procrastinated with for years. I still can’t believe all that’s happened in such a short time frame. My life has changed for the better and I can directly attribute it to the time I started coaching with Mariam. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better outcome. 

I would recommend Mariam to of course anyone looking to level up in their resilence and reaction to challenges. Especially those who don’t think they need coaching today or have shied away from it in the past, primarily existing leaders who believe they don’t really need to improve but are still sabotaging themselves or not living to their full potential. To people who know they are actively avoiding taking risks or making improvements, and want both a partner and support towards accountability. But I would especially recommend Mariam to working women who want to move up in their roles and responsiblities, who may be struggling with overload both at work or at home. She’ll be able to give you the tools to thrive and challenge yourself in a way you haven’t before. Her ability to help you manage your energy, improve interpersonal communication, solve problems indepdently with a high degree of succes - all culminate in a personal transformation that I didn’t think was even possible and I believe others would have the same experience if they’re open to it. 

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